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Canterbury News


With warmer weather approaching here are a few Rules & Regulation reminders:

  • Only Gas Grills are allowed, charcoal grills are prohibited. When using your grills be sure to keep away from siding. (Pg. 10)
  • Portable style Basketball hoops are permitted only with prior BOD approval. (Pg. 10)
  • Garage Doors are to be kept closed except when there is a need for ventilation (Pg. 12 & 13)
  • Individual Garage Sales are prohibited (Pg. 13)
  • Garbage & Recycling Cans may NOT be placed at the curb until 6 p.m. of the evening prior to pick-up and must be retrieved by 6 p.m. on the day of pick up (Pg. 13)
  • Pet ownership is a responsibility. Dogs and cats are not permitted to run loose in Canterbury Place. When walking an animal, the walker must carry and use some device for immediate removal of any waste. Pets are not allowed to be kept, urinate or defecate on balconies at any time. (Pg. 16 & 17)
  • Satellite Dishes - Any owner or tenant interested in installing a dish must obtain written permission from the BOD/Management Co prior to installation. No Dishes are permitted to be installed on the roof. (Pg. 17-19)
  • Flower Boxes/Plant Hangers – Flower boxes may be displayed on balconies and railings or on the floor of the balcony only. Plant hangers may be attached to the balcony wooden railings or on the wooden posts by each unit’s front door only. Remember, prior approval from the board is required. (Pg. 12)
  • Personal Planting – Please remember that the flower beds are a common element and that any modifications to them require prior approval. Don’t forget to submit your architectural change form before planting any flowers or adding Malibu lights. Remember that the landscape company is not responsible for any damage caused during their routine maintenance. (Pg. 13)
  • Lawn Ornaments – any size, type, color, etc. of lawn ornaments must be approved by the board. (Pg. 14)

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